A D R I A N   B R A D B U R Y   A R T

The COAST series came from many visits in recent years to both the Cornish and Welsh coasts and are an abstract motif of the colour, atmospherics and beauty of the coast.

The light, the texture, the sense of water running down or across a beach, the surf or even just a rock pool have provided a rich inspirational theme for me.




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WINTER STORMS also comes from initial studies and interpretations of the coast on wild nights as the sea and sky appear to almost be as one .



IT'S ONLY ROCK AND ROLL SERIES combines imagery of  American muscle cars and guitars mixed with graphic iconography, juxtaposed in vibrant compositions, owing much to the music of our lives.

Welcome to Adrian Bradbury Art.

My work is about a fascination with colour, line and textural qualities.  I studied fine art before embarking on a career as a photographer but have continued to draw and explore image making in a variety of ways, from collage to painting. I am constantly making and creating, images and objects - the need to experiment and explore ideas and thoughts sustains and drives my daily routine.


POOLS - Acrylic on canvas 89 x 117cm the beginning of a new series of canvases which is an exciting part of my return to painting after some considerable time away from the process.

I forgot how enjoyable, challenging and also demanding it is.



in a contemporary interior

pools 1fin

INDUSTRIAL MARKS  comes from a series of observations of mechanical marks made on metal, washers and rusting panels of steel, juxtaposed against a pure white ground

Untitled-2 copy