A D R I A N   B R A D B U R Y   A R T


POOLS   acrylic on canvas  89 x 117cm (2017)

rocks 4 copy

ROCKS 4 - is part of a new series of work intially seen as prints but to support future new paintings - line, shape and colour have always been part of my work and the interaction between colours and the spatial effectsof line and colour are part of my interest.  The series is a continuation in many ways from  where Coast started, looking at the colours and textures of rocks, sand, sea and sky. Colours are sometimes found in lichens and mosses growing in the force of the Atlantic weather, the surfaces and marks one sees for a moment on the beach with the sky reflecting of the water, or the pools surrounding rocks on the beach are some of the sources for this new work.

pools 1fin

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